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As a fan of mature ladies, I finally got around to seeing Haley Hart and boy am I glad I ever did. I corresponded with Haley for a few days before our date and we scheduled a 2 hours. Haley contacted me 20 minutes before our date and told me she was already ready for me. So if I was running early, to go ahead and knock on the door early. Love it when a lady is ready early. Haley has a super nice place. When Haley opened the door, at the risk of sounding really stupid, all I could say was wow! Haley had the exact outfit on she had sent me a private pic  I thought I died and went to heaven, the view was soo exquisite. Haley has to be the hottest mature provider I have ever seen. With a body half her age and a beautiful face, again WOW! Try as I might, I couldn't find a tattoo on her. I asked Haley about it and she said she hates tattoos, so not sure how that got on her profile. Haley greeted me with a warm kiss and invited me to take a shower, which I took as a positive.

If you want your fantasies fulfilled Haley is the one to see. Her pictures do her a grave injustice. She is stunning with the face of a model, a radiant smile and green eyes. Her body is fabulous with smooth skin, a flat stomach, shapely legs and a derriere to die for.  her body is more toned and firmer than most . Her place is 

in a secure complex with ample parking. I have visited her three times and each session was more memorable than the last. She will be one of your ATFs. Her claim to be an exquisite paramour is well justified.

Contacted Haley through email . She replied quickly with some simple screening questions. Haley emailed me VERY clear directions to her place and guided me to her by text on the day. Opened the door and there was a stunning blonde woman in a very form-fitting dress standing before me. It was like two lovers breaking away from their jobs for a fun lunch. She is mature, sophisticated and beautiful inside and out. I can't wait to see her again to pick up where our last conversation and fun ended.

Her ad was tasteful but very sexy with a very high end look on her website. Did not expect a quick reply from someone this hot since I was a newbie. Was surprised to get a kind reply within 24 hours. No screening issues. Set up appointment for a few days later. Received helpful instructions the day before. Clear and easy directions to upscale apartment complex and text to lead into location upon arrival.

The lady that answered the door looked amazing in a tastefully fashionable form fitting mini dress. Her figure and appearance in the that dress enhanced my memory of the pictures in the ad. It took some self control not to stare at here obvious attributes. The welcome was friendly and put me at ease immediately. The apartment was a fashionable and comfortably decorated. The atmosphere was upscale and intimate. We relaxed at talked together on the couch. I am a fan of getting to know someone with honest, mature and intelligent conversation at the start.

The Above Comments are from a national board but if you'd like to leave a comment hereplease do so. {All ask is that be a gentleman and that you save the intimate flattery for whispering in my ear}

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